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Can foxes purr?

Last Reviewed and Updated on July 27, 2022

Purring is a sound you will most commonly hear in some species of cats, especially the domestic cat. But purring isn’t exclusive to felines; there are other animals that purr. Although not closely related, cats and foxes have a few things in common. But can foxes purr as cats do? Let’s find out.

What is purring?

A purr is defined as a tonal fluttering sound, a soft buzzing sound, with the mechanism of the sound still not entirely known. The same goes for the purpose of the purring or how and why purring developed. It may have developed as an advantage in communication, and it seems to be a self-relaxation technique as well as a trigger for releasing hormones that act as painkillers.

True purring is only made by the species of felids (cats) that are not capable of roaring and two species of genets. No other animal is capable of true purring.

While other animals can’t purr, many species of animals produce vocalization that is very similar to purring.

Can foxes purr?

As foxes are Canidae (dog family), they aren’t a species capable of true purring. But foxes are one of the species that make a purr-like sound. They are the only species in the Canidae family that is able to produce purring-like sounds.

They may use this type of vocalization when they are excited, safe, or happy. Most species of foxes are capable of producing this type of purring-like sound, but not all will.

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