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We strive to keep all of our facts straight :), all the facts provided on this website are fact checked and are being reviewed on regular basis.

But we are only human and can miss a thing or two. As new discoveries in science are made daily and our understanding of the world that surrounds us evolves, some things that are true today time could be untrue tomorrow.

What is the smallest mammal today, might become the second smallest tomorrow, with discoveries of new species. Another biologically immortal animal could be found, making the immortal jellyfish not the only immortal species of animals. A super long organism could be discovered, making the bootlace worm not the longest anymore. And while we do review and update all of our articles with the most recent discoveries on regular basis, we can’t review all of them each and every day.

And of course, we can make typos as well.

If you spot an error of any kind do let us know by sending us an email:

info.factopolis (at)

We will make sure to correct the error as soon as possible.

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