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How long can a giraffe go without water?

Last Reviewed and Updated on July 27, 2022

The habitat of a giraffe can be a harsh one; high temperatures and draughts don’t always make the water accessible. But this animal usually manages just fine, so this raises a question. How long can a giraffe go without water?

How much does a giraffe drink

When giraffes have an abundance of water, they will still only drink about once per day or once every few days. When they drink and if enough water is accessible, they will drink a lot, about 10 gallons / 40 liters of water in one sitting.

This is because their bodies aren’t exactly made for easy drinking. A giraffe can’t reach the ground with its head when it’s standing. In order to drink, a giraffe must either bend over or spread its front legs apart before lowering its neck. This makes them vulnerable to predators, so giraffes will often take turns when drinking water to have each other’s backs.

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How long can a giraffe go without water?

A giraffe can go without drinking water for a long time, but it can’t go without water for long periods of time (source).

Giraffes are well adapted for living in an environment where water isn’t freely available and can go without drinking fresh water for days, even weeks.

Giraffes can obtain most of their water needs from their diet. As long as there is enough food, even if the water is scarce, a giraffe will be fine. Acacia leaves, in particular, have a high content of water, making them an ideal food for these tall mammals. These trees are also great when it comes to tolerating extreme drought so they are readily available for giraffes most of the time.

So while they do need to get water in their system regularly, it doesn’t have to always be from drinking water.

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