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facto (adverb)

fac·to | \ ˈfak(ˌ)tō \

Definition of facto

: in or by the fact

polis (noun)

po·lis | \ ˈpä-ləs \

Definition of polis

: city

Factopolis is for the curious minds. It is a website created by a group of science geeks out of love for all the little curiosities of our world, from the microscopic creatures to the stars in the sky.

We aim to provide you with simple lists of trivia facts (that are actually true and kept up to date) that you can entertain yourself with as well as impress your friends and family. But we don’t stick with just facts, we go beyond that – our lists of facts won’t leave you hanging, as almost all of the facts on Factopolis have their “why’s” – a simple to understand explanation as to why something is the way it is.

In addition to that you will also find answers to many questions, from the practical ones like “do foxes purr” to theoretical ones like “how long does it take to get to Jupiter with a car” – all explained in a simple to understand way.

Let’s explore the world together

Have a request for a facts list? Have a question you want us to answer? Let us know and if it’s something we can answer, we will.

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